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Children’s Rights in Incarcerated Youth Facilities By Kristina Bruno (EXTRA CREDIT POST)




This last fall I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a program with a focus on Human Rights and Social Movements. For the last month of the program, I had the opportunity to work closely with el Instituto de Regimen Cerrado Manuel Rocca, in the neighborhood of Floresta. This is a closed all-boys youth facility for 16 and 17 year old boys who have a penal cause and are sent there while their trial is in process. 

Manuel Rocca is a socio-educative institution and focuses on children’s rights with the objective of forming the boys into subjects of rights. They reach this objective though providing school and various workshops. The idea of the workshops is that they can form and strengthen their identities and when the boys leave, they can connect with positive things that they learned during their stay at the institution.

On of the psychologists there told me that before the boys arrived at Manuel Rocca, many did not have education, dignified living situation or structure, and that at Manuel Rocca, they gain those things. I always saw this as very interesting because when I think of an incarcerated youth facility, I don’t think of it as being a more positive situation then the one they are in outside of the facility, but for many of the boys, it was. Facilities like this one that stress the importance of children’s rights within and outside of the facility, are something that should be striven for all around the globe. Below is a link to a study on the lack of education in Juvelile delincuent Facilities: The Right to Education in the Juvenile and Criminal Justice  Systems in the United States.


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