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In the article, “All I eat is ARVS” The Paradox of AIDS Treatment Interventions in Central Mozambique, Ippolytos Andreas Kalofonos explains how the rising count of “lives saved” in Mozambique from antiretroviral treatment seems to portray a success story of high-tech treatment being provided on one of the poorest contexts of the world. However, this treatment has had many significant social effects due to a complicated history and problems with poverty. This type of intervention with scarce resources leads to major competition among people living with HIV/AIDS, when they should instead be focusing on solidarity and community action. According to the author, discourses of hunger serve as a critique of these shortcomings and the wider political economy underlying the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Below is a critique of this study: https://wiki.geneseo.edu/display/food/Kalofonos+(2010)+All+I+Eat+is+ARVs+The+Paradox+of+AIDS+Treatment+Interventions+in+Central+Mozambique


Due to the interdependence of human rights, it is clear that this scarcity and its effects on all, and especially those affected by HIV/AIDS in Mozambique also puts strains on one’s mental health. Additionally, lacking that community solidarity due to competition over food, I can only imagine that it makes it even harder on a person’s mental health.

Here is an interesting video that attempts to address the vicious cycle of how HIV/AIDS breeds food crisis, food crisis breeds HIV/AIDS.


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