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Sterilizing Vaccines or the Politics of the Womb


When I first read this article I felt like the girls who were interviewed and feared for myself because like the majority of the people in the U.S. I have been vaccinated for several things throughout my life. Although the article focused on the fact that the vaccines were not actually sterilizing the girls and that a miscommunication occurred which transformed into a rumor, I began to panic and researched the topic further. What I found was that the government does intend to reduce the world population and may or may not be doing this through the use of vaccines.   In the government’s attempt to solve some of the world’s biggest problems such as sustainability in regard to the environment, the economy, and more, the solution in their minds is to control the world’s population. It is no secret that the more people that there are in the world, the greater the burden. More people requires more resources and those resources are running out quickly with the world economy in decline and the environment’s natural resources quickly running out. Some of the world’s richest elite have developed a plan to to control the population through covert vaccinations. Vaccines are advertised for one thing such as aiding in combating the flu, but secretly have a completely different agenda. It has been rumored that these vaccines serve the dual purpose of sterilizing the individual being vaccinated so that they will stop reproducing; thus helping to stop overpopulation. Suddenly I found myself feeling victimized like the girl in the article. I fear that the vaccines that I was given as a child will do more harm than good. The article’s conclusion had the best solution.

“Broadening the concept of reproductive health and ma- ternal-child health care to incorporate local beliefs and concerns, including the practical and symbolic importance of fertility in interethnic relations, will make public health policy more responsive to a local politics of the womb”.

The girls that felt like victims after being vaccinated may have suffered from depression from feelings of helplessness. The girls who had abortions also may have suffered bouts of depression due to the emotional and physical toll they endured.


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