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*Extra Credit Post* “All I Eat is ARV’s”


The article describes the suffering that people in Mozambique are enduring due to societal issues that the government is failing to address. Many of the people are affected with HIV AIDS. In order to combat this disease, the people are given ARV’s to help treat it. While this treatment method has proven to be very effective and is saving lives, there is still a greater issue that needs to be addressed. The people in mozambique are living in extreme poverty and do not even have food to eat. They are suffering from starvation and the only aid that they are receiving are the ARV drugs. The body need nourishment in order to heal. WIthout proper food and nutrition, they cannot benefit from the ARV treatment. The government is doing a lot of good in providing this HIV treatment as a free service to the public but they are still failing to address this main issue. A person cannot survive long without food. Without food they will die far more quickly whether they HIV or not. In order to truly make a difference in the lives of these people, both issues need to be addressed with equal importance. “ARV’s alone are an insufficient intervention in the face of hunger and inequalities. AIDS treatment interventions must go beyond a vision of saving bare lives and be implemented with a broad view of social and economic citizenship”.

The people suffering from starvation and HIV/AIDS may also be suffering from depression. Everything is interconnected and one problem cannot be solved without addressing the other.


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