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Extra Credit Post: KONY 2012 by Kristina Bruno

As we all have seen in the past few weeks, Invisible Children’s Documentary “KONY 2012” has gone viral. This social media documentary highlights the horrible acts that Kony, the LRA leader, has committed in Uganda, kidnapping children and forcing them to become soldiers  and causing of an extremely large amount of deaths throughout Uganda and beyond. This documentary is extremely powerful and calls for all viewers to “make Kony famous” so that the US will continue investing in seeing that Kony is stopped and by sending money to the Ugandan army.

Though the video has sparked much emotion and much action amongst its viewers, it has also sparked many criticisms. Attached is a critique of the documentary: Joseph Kony is Not in Uganda (and other complicated things). Some arguments include the lack of accuracy of facts and oversimplifying the Ugandan conflict, as well as criticism of the NGO’s use of money-spending large amounts of money making high quality documentaries as well as sending the money to the Ugandan s military, which is only slightly less corrupt than the rebel group that they are fighting against.  This is a rather complex issue and though I agree that Kony needs to be stopped, this may not be the most effective way to make that happen.

Here is the documentary, Kony 2012:


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